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2024 TRIM Notices

The Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office mails the TRIM (proposed tax) Notices in August of each year. This is NOT a tax bill but shows your property’s 2024 Just/Market Value, exemptions, and proposed taxes as set by the various taxing authorities.  The TRIM Notice is your opportunity to review your 2024 Just/Market Value and ensure you are receiving all the tax-saving exemptions you are eligible for. Please note: the deadline to apply for all 2024 exemptions is September 18, 2024.

Florida Statutes require our office to use January 1 as the date of assessment each year.  The 2024 Just/Market Values are based on the market data from 2023.  Our office must consider changes in market conditions – up or down – when developing the Just/Market Values each year.

The Property Appraiser’s Office does not set or collect property taxes.  If you have questions about the proposed tax rates, the contact information and public hearing dates for the individual taxing authorities are listed to the right of each agency name on your TRIM Notice.

I Recently Applied for Homestead Exemption – Why Is It Not Showing?

Florida Statutes require our office to use January 1 as the date of assessment and to determine exemption eligibility each year.  If you purchased your home after January 1, 2024, you are eligible for 2025 Homestead Exemption.  The 2025 exemptions will show online in December and be included for the 2025 tax year.

I Had Homestead Exemption Last Year – Where Did My Exemptions Go?

If you purchased your home in 2023, you may have “inherited” the previous owner’s exemptions last year. These 2023 exemptions were removed at the end of 2023, so are no longer showing on your TRIM Notice for tax year 2024.  Fortunately, you can still late file for 2024 Homestead and any other exemptions you may qualify for until September 18, 2024.  To apply online, please visit our website at or scan the QR code below.

I Am a Senior Citizen – Why Isn’t the Senior Exemption Showing?

The Senior Exemption is both an age and income-based exemption that is not automatically applied to a property because of the income requirement.  To be eligible for this exemption, an applicant must be age 65 or older as of January 1, 2024 and have an adjusted household gross income for 2023 not exceeding $36,614.  If you believe you qualify for this additional exemption, you can still late file until September 18, 2024. To review the exemption requirements and to apply for this exemption, please go to our website at

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