Fiscal Year 2019


Fiscal Year 2018




FY 2019-2020 Approved Budget



Capital Improvements FY 2019-2023


2018-2019 Adopted Budget


Telecommunications ROW



Vacating Right of Way

01/25/182018-002FY 2018-2022 Schedule of Capital Improvements
10/12/172018-001Emergency Debris Removal

Fiscal Year 2017


09/28/172017-0152017-2018 Adopted Budget
09/28/172017-014Composting and Mulching Operation
09/28/172017-013Nuisance Tree Removal
09/28/172017-012Good Neighbor Fences

Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Streets and Access Standards
06/22/172017-010Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Community Facilities
08/10/172017-009Prohibition of Cannabis-Related Uses
07/27/172017-008Streets and Access Standards
07/27/172017-007Reasonable Accommodation Procedures
06/22/172017-006Charter Amendments – Requiring an affirmative vote of full Town Council for land use changes, sale of property, and quasi-judicial matters
03/23/172017-005Water Supply Facilities Plan
02/23/172017-004Capital Improvements for FY 2017-2021
02/23/17 2017-003Amending Unified Land Development Code-Cannabis-Related Uses
01/26/17 2017-002US Highway 27 Business Category
01/26/17 2017-001Amendment to the Parking Enforcement Code

Fiscal Year 2016

09/14/16 2016-004Budget Ordinance
05/26/16 2016-003Nuisance Ordinance
04/28/16 2016-002SBDD Rezoning
01/01/16 2016-001Capital Improvements Elements

Fiscal Year 2015


09/29/15 2015-008Telecommunications Towers and Antennas
09/29/15 2015-007FY 2016 Budget Adoption
09/15/15 2015-006Non Commercial Farm Special Exceptions
08/27/15 2015-005Parking Citation Enforcement
04/09/15 2015-004Comp Plan Consistency With Broward County Land Use Plan
02/26/15 2015-003FY 2015-2019 Capital Improvement Element
12/11/14 2015-002Non Commercial Farms
12/11/14 2015-001Revised Article 155

Fiscal Year 2014


09/30/14 2014-006FY 2015 Budget Adoption
07/24/14 2014-005Roof Eaves
06/12/14 2014-004Outside Employment Disclosure
05/22/14 2014-003Floodplain Management
03/27/14 2014-002Prohibiting E-Cigarette Sales to Minors
02/13/14 2014-001Capital Improvements FY 2014-2018

Fiscal Year 2013


09/26/132013-012Adopting the FY 2014 Budget
05/09/132013-011Amending the Town ULDC, Entitled “Application Submittal and Notice Procedures”.
05/09/132013-010Amending the Town ULDC, Article 65, Recreation and Open Space District.

Rezoning Weekley Property.
03/07/132013-008Intentionally Left Blank.
03/07/132013-007Amending the Town ULDC Regarding “Prohibited Signs.”
02/28/132013-006Amending the Text of the Future Land Use Element.
01/24/132013-005Adopting the Schedule of Improvements for FY 2013-2017.
01/24/132013-004Amending the Town ULDC Section 090-100,”Roadway Capacity, Construction and Design Standards.”
10/25/122013-003Amending the Town ULDC to Allow for Valet Parking.
10/25/122013-002Creating a New Section of the Town Code Entitled “Equine Protection ACT, A.K.A. Marco’s Law.
09/27/122013-001Creating a New Section of the Town Code Entitled “Sale or Display of Loose Leaf Granular Incense and Bath Salts”.

Fiscal Year 2012


10/01/122012-09Adopting the 2013 Budget.
07/12/122012-08Amending the Town’s Procurement Code.
06/14/122012-07Amending Comp. Plan to Regulate and Redistrict Recreation and Open Space Uses.
06/14/122012-06Amending the Town’s Flood Plan Protection Standards.
06/14/122012-05Amending the CIE of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.
05/10/12 2012-04Amending the Town’s Code of Ordinance to Create a New Section in Conformity with Broward County’s Ethics Code.
03/08/122012-03Appointing the Town Clerk as the Custodian of Public Records.
11/12/112012-02Amending the Code of Ordinances Entitled “Administration” for the Adoption of a Fee Schedule for Building Permits.
11/01/112012-01Amending the SWR ULDC Article 45 Entitled, “Agricultural and Rural Districts” to Permit Cemeteries.

Fiscal Year 2011


09/22/112011-19Adopting the Broward County Code of Ordinances, Relating to a Code of Ethics.  Effective January 2, 2012
09/22/112011-15Adopting a Procurement Code.
09/22/112011-14Establishing and Adopting Four (4) New Residential Election Districts.
09/22/112011-13Amending Capital Improvements Element.
09/22/112011-12Public School Concurrency.
09/22/112011-11Adopting Amendments to Public School Facilities Element.
09/20/112011-10Fiscal Year 2012 Budget.
2011-09Intentionally Left Blank.
09/07/112011-08Amending the Town of Southwest Ranches Code of Ordinances regarding Firearms.
06/23/112011-07Amending the Town of Southwest Ranches Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), Permits Required.
02/24/112011-06Amending the Town of Southwest Ranches Unified Land Development Code (ULDC),  Easements To Satisfy  Requirements  for minimum setbacks.
12/08/102011-05Establishing solid waste flow control reporting Inter-local Agreement.
12/08/102011-04Establishing solid waste flow control.
12/08/102011-03Eliminate Limits on Gross Floor Area and Number of Beds in Penal Institutes and Correction Facilities.
11/03/102011-02Amending the Town of Southwest Ranches Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) regarding Waiver of Plat Approval Process.
11/03/102011-01Amending the Town’s Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) regarding signs.

Fiscal Year 2010


09/20/102010-12Fiscal Year 2011 Budget.
09/01/102010-11Rezoning and changing the zoning classifications for the Town Parks known as Southwest Meadows Sanctuary, Calusa Corners, Sunshine Ranches Equestrian Park, Country Estates Fishing Hole, and Frontier Trails.
06/17/102010-10Proposing amendments to the Town’s Charter in 2010 General Election.
06/17/102010-09SW 50 Manor Vacation.
06/03/102010-08Pig Ordinance.
04/15/102010-07Amending the Capital Improvements Element of the Comprehensive Plan by updating the five-year schedule.
02/18/102010-06Fisikelli rezoning-Michael and Rebecca Fisikelli, to rezone property at NW corner of SW 166 Ave and 69 St. FROM A-1 Agricultural Acres TO RE Rural Estate District.
02/04/102010-05FPL-repealing Ordinance 2000-3 and granting to Florida Power & Light Company, a new electric franchise; imposing provisions and conditions relating thereto; providing for monthly payments to the Town.
01/21/102010-04Registration of Lobbyists.
01/21/102010-03Code of Ethics.
01/07/102010-02False Alarms.
12/03/092010-01Adopting the EAR Based Amendments; adopting various updates and amendments to the Town’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Fiscal Year 2009


09/17/092009-15Approving and Adopting the budget for FY 2010.
09/03/092009-14Amending the Town of Southwest Ranches Code of Ordinances to provide a section entitled “SPECIFIC PARK RULES AND REGULATIONS”, providing for the enactment of specific park rules and regulations governing each town park by resolution.
06/18/092009-13Repealing Ordinance Number 2007-11 relating to vacating, closing and abandoning a certain portion of S.W. 136th Avenue.
05/21/092009-12Creating a new section of the Town’s Code entitled “Supervision, Confinement, and Tethering of Canines, A.K.A. Nikki’s Law”.
04/16/092009-11Amending the Code of Ordinances to create a new section entitled “Placement and Removal of Agenda Items”.
04/16/092009-10Comprehensive Plan Amendment to the 10-year water supply.
03/19/092009-09Grant Drainage Easement to SBDD.
02/05/092009-07Approve Uniform Method Of Collecting Assessments.
02/05/092009-06Remove Traffic Calming Gate Arm At 185 Way.
01/08/092009-05Revised Volunteer Policy.
12/11/082009-04Southwest Meadows Sanctuary LUPA Approval.
12/04/082009-03Capital Improvement Element Comp Plan Amend.
11/13/082009-02Establish Emergency Medical Fees.
10/02/082009-01Lake Lane Vacation-Gavrilious.

Fiscal Year 2008


09/25/082008-15FY 2009 Budget Adoption.
09/04/082008-14Lake Lane Vacation-Miekle.
07/24/082008-13No Parking on Right-of-way for non-residential land use.
07/24/082008-12Reduce Mather Blvd Speed Limit to 35 MPH.
07/24/082008-11Reduce Town-wide Speed Limit to 25 MPH.
07/10/082008-10Public School Concurrency ULDC Amendment.
07/10/082008-09Calabrese/E.Palomino Vacation.
06/05/082008-08Comp Plan Amendment for Public School Facilities Element.
05/01/082008-07Allowing Bulk Trash to be put out on the Saturday before pickup.
05/01/082008-06Amending Code of Ordinances of the “ULDC to which calculates required parking to require additional off-street parking  for Places of Worship.
03/06/082008-05Amending Unified Land Development Code Section 010-030, “Terms Defined” to include primary electrical power transmission easements in the Net Plot area.
03/06/082008-04Amending Ordinance No. 2007-10, by increasing maximum size of Bulk Trash pickup from six (6) cubic yards to twelve (12) cubic yards.
01/10/082008-03Amending Ordinance No. 2007-03 regarding procedures relating to Town Volunteers.
11/08/072008-02Amending Unified Land Development Code to require property owners to post their address.
10/11/072008-01Amending Ordinance No. 2001-04 by increasing the additional Homestead Exemption for persons sixty-five (65) and older.

Fiscal Year 2007


09/27/072007-12Adopt Budget for FY 2008.
09/06/072007-11Layla Brittney Estates – Vacating, closing and abandoning a portion of unimproved right-of-way.
09/06/072007-10Amending Ordinance No. 2006-20, by limiting the size of Bulk Trash to six (6) and limiting bulk trash collection to two times per month.
07/12/072007-09Repealing Ordinance 2001-1 to Implement Alternate Code Enforcement Procedures and Designating Town Law Enforcement Officers as Code Offiicers to Enforce the Town’s ULDC and Code.
07/12/072007-08Residential Prohibitions for Sexual Offenders and Predators.
07/12/072007-07Dedicating Portions of SW 208 Ln, SW 209 Ave, SW 210 TER, and SW 50 ST from SW 208 Ln to SW 210 Ter to the Town of Southwest Ranches.
07/12/072007-06Amending Ordinance 2006-20 and Enabling Bulk Trash Pick-Up Zones and Schedules to be Set by Resolution.
05/10/072007-05Adding a Non-Voting School Board Rep. to the LPA when Considering Items that may Increase Residential Density.
02/01/072007-04Broward County Concurrency Standards & Proportionate Fair-Share Mitigation.
12/07/062007-03Town Volunteer Policy Adoption.
11/09/062007-02Stone Creek Estates Ingress/Egress Vacations.
11/02/062007-01Council Compensation Increases.

Fiscal Year 2006


09/28/062006-23FY 2007 Budget Adoption.
09/14/062006-22Revised Road Closures: SW 185/186/188.
07/20/062006-21Roadway Management Plan & Exhibit.
07/06/062006-20Bulk Trash Schedule & Code.
07/06/062006-19Frontier Trails Vacation & Exhibits.
07/06/062006-18Code Change: Fences.
07/06/062006-17Charter Amendments.
06/01/062006-16Code Change: Pervious Area Calculation.
06/01/062006-15Code Change: “Commercial Equestrian”  Definition.
06/01/062006-14Code Change: Driveway Separation Requirements.
06/01/062006-13Code Change: Commercial Waste Requirements
05/11/062006-12Code Change: Grooms Quarters Definition & Requirements.
04/20/062006-11ROW Vacation- School Site Purchase.
04/20/062006-10Utility Vacation- Calusa Corners.
04/06/062006-09Code Change: Setback Encroachments.
04/06/062006-08Code Change: Rural Roads Definition.
03/09/062006-07Fisikelli Rezoning.
03/02/062006-06Code Change: Exclusion of Water Bodies/Utility Easements to Plot Area Calculations.
11/05/052006-05Tertiary Drainage Plan Adoption.
11/05/052006-04EQ Park ROW Vacation.
10/20/052006-03Code Change: ROW/Swales Definitions & Requirements.
10/06/052006-02Code Change: Exclusion of Private Roads to Plot Area Calculations.
10/06/052006-01Code Change: Prohibitions for Parking/Storage of Commercial Vehicles, Truck Bodies, and Similar Accessory Structures.

Fiscal Year 2005


05/19/052005-07Lupo Lane Vacation of Easement.
05/19/052005-06Consensus Area Road Closure.
04/14/052005-05Town of Southwest Ranches Land Development Code.
04/14/052005-04Town of Southwest Ranches Park Rules.
04/14/052005-03Second Amendment to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.
04/14/052005-02SW 202 Avenue and SW 205 Avenue Road Closure.
01/13/042005-01Proposing a Referendum to Amend the Town Charter, Changing the Regularly Scheduled Election Dates.

Fiscal Year 2004


07/28/042004-12Adopting the Budget for FY 2005.
09/27/042004-11Repealing Ordinance 2004-01; Creating a New Plan for Flood Damage.
09/27/042004-10Closing Vehicular Access to 199th Ave. and 50th Manor at Either 199th Ave. or 202nd Ave. Town Boundary Line.
07/28/042004-09Rezoning SWR Property located on the North Side of Sheridan.
07/28/042004-08Adopting the Town’s First Comprehensive Plan Amendment.
07/28/042004-07Protecting the Delivery of Utility Services.
06/10/042004-06Amending the Code of Ordinances Article XII, “Off-Street Parking and Loading”.
05/13/042004-05Providing for a Section Entitled “Commercial Vehicle Weight and Load Restrictions.
02/12/042004-04Modifying Section 39-108 to the Code of Ordinances
02/04/042004-03Amending the Code of Ordinances, Entitled “General Provisions”.
12/11/032004-02Corrected Ord. Vacating, Closing and Abandoning the Unimproved Portion of SW 196 Ave.
12/11/032004-01Repealing Ord. 2001-02 and Creating a New Plan for Flood Damage Prevention

Fiscal Year 2003


10/07/032003-12 FY2004 Budget Adoption
08/18/032003-11Special Election
07/10/032003-10 Tree Preservation
07/10/032003-09 Drainage Easement
05/08/032003-08Zoning Code: Farm
05/08/032003-07Adopting Town’s First Comprehensive Plan
04/10/032003-06 Rezone: 5200 SW 160 Ave to CF (River of Grass Church)
01/16/032003-05Cable Television
11/07/022003-04 Land Development Code – “Design Standards & Requirements for Traffic Control of Local Streets”
10/10/022003-03Resource Recovery System of Broward County
10/10/022003-02 Rezoning 10 Parcels to CF
10/10/022003-01Clarify CF Zoning District

Fiscal Year 2002


09/12/022002-10 Franchise to BFI Waste Systems to Provide Solid Waste Collection
09/12/022002-09 Rezone a Specific Property Located East of I-75 Between Griffin Rd and Stirling Rd to RE
06/24/022002-08 Solid Waste Service Assessments
06/24/022002-07 Municipal Election
06/24/022002-06Rezoning Property Located at 13400 Griffin Road to CF
06/13/022002-05Plan for Emergency Management
05/09/022002-04 CF, Community Facilities Zoning District
05/09/022002-03 Transferring a Portion of SW 54th Place to Westfield Estates HOA, Inc.
01/10/022002-02 Exhibition of Class 1 & Class 2 Wildlife
11/08/012002-01Municipal Service Taxing & Benefit Unit: Solid Waste

Fiscal Year 2001


09/13/012001-13 Regulation of Clearing, Filling or Excavating of Property

09/24/012001-14Budget for Fiscal Year 2002
09/13/012001-13Regulation of Clearing and Filling or Excavating Property
09/13/012001-12 Maximum Height of Structures in Rural Estates, Rural Ranches & E-2 Zoning
09/13/012001-11 Authority to Withhold Permits & Approvals: Zoning in Progress
07/12/012001-10Telecommunication Towers & Antennas
06/14/012001-09 Fire-Rescue Assessment Table
05/10/012001-08 Vacating & Abandoning a Portion of the Sylvan Pass
05/10/012001-07 Establish Local Planning Agency
04/26/012001-06 Moratorium through Oct. 11, 2001 – Property for Placement of Any Wireless Service Towers
03/08/012001-05 New Traffic Code Section concerning vehicles approaching animals.
12/14/002001-04Homestead Exemption from Ad Valorem Taxes for Persons 65 and Older
12/14/002001-03 Amendment – Tax: Electricity & Fuel
12/14/002001-02Plan for Flood Damage Prevention
11/09/002001-01Code Enforcement & Special Master

Fiscal Year 2000


09/21/002000-08Budget for Fiscal Year 2001
09/07/002000-07Tax on Telecommunications Services
09/07/002000-06Telecommunications Facility on Public Rights-of-way
08/24/002000-05 Evidence Election & Become Member of Solid Waste Disposal District
08/24/002000-04 Municipal Service Taxing & Benefit Unit: Solid Waste
08/24/002000-03FPL Franchise
08/24/002000-02 Tax: Electricity & Fuel
08/24/002000-01Banking & Contractual Services

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