Bulk Waste

Bulk Waste

Bulk waste includes both Bulk Waste and Bulk Yard Waste that is generated from the ordinary housekeeping operations of a residential unit. Bulk waste must be generated by the resident at the residential unit where it is being collected.

Bulk Waste does not include contractor-generated waste, household hazardous waste, electronic waste or storm debris.  Commercial businesses, nurseries, and landscapers are prohibited from placing anything out for collection.

Bulk Waste is waste that requires special handling. It includes, but is not limited to large appliances (with refrigerants and doors properly removed), white goods, couches, chairs, mattresses, tables, appliances, lumber, carpets, and padding.

Bulk Yard Waste must be a part of the normal yard maintenance that is generated by the residents and includes tree trimmings, branches, palm fronds, and other yard trash where no single item exceeds four (4) feet in its longest dimension or 50 pounds in weight.

Bulk Waste Collection:

      • Bulk waste collection occurs every two (2) weeks.  Click on Waste Pro Bulk Collection Route Schedule for your service day
      • Bulk waste must be placed separate from Bulk Yard waste and Solid Waste (garbage)
      • Residents are permitted to place out for collection a maximum of twelve (12) cubic yards: (6′ wide x 12′ long x 4.5′ high) in total of bulk waste. If the total volume of both bulk waste and bulk yard waste exceeds this amount, the entire pile will not be collected, tagged as ‘nonconforming’, and reported to the Town’s Code Compliance Department
      • Bulk waste may be placed curbside no earlier than the Saturday prior to your bulk collection day and no later than 7:00AM on your scheduled collection day
      • Bulk waste must be placed curbside in a neat and orderly manner that facilitates safe collection with an overhead clam truck
      • Bulk waste should not be co-mingled with bulk yard waste. It must be kept separate
      • Larger tree limbs and trunks should be cut in lengths where no single item exceeds 4 feet in length or 50 pounds in weight and stacked neatly at the curb or swale
      • Loose items that cannot be picked up by a claw truck must be placed in a disposable bag, box, carton, or crate of sufficient strength that can be safely lifted without breaking and does not weigh more than 50 pounds
      • Glass items must be placed in a rigid container of sufficient strength that may be lifted while containing its contents
      • Larger items such as glass tabletops, shower doors, or other heavier type glass must be placed separate from the normal bulk waste for collection. Please contact Southern Waste Services at 888-800-7732 prior to placing such materials out for collection to ensure service
      • Bulk waste collection is for normal residential activities only. CONTRACTOR GENERATED MATERIAL, EVEN IF GENERATED AT THE RESIDENTIAL UNIT, WILL NOT BE COLLECTED. Commercial businesses, nurseries, and landscapers are prohibited from placing anything out for collection
      • Do not place bulk items under overhead wires, low tree branches, on top of storm drains, or within five (5) feet of mailboxes, recycle bins, utility poles, trees, fire hydrants, or other obstacles

Bulk Waste Violations

Twelve (12) cubic yard maximum for curbside bulk waste pickup Example of 12-cubic yards. Waste Pro will not pick up bulk trash piles that exceed 12 cubic yards. Those properties exceeding the 12 cubic yard limit will be marked by the hauler and issued notices of violation by the Code Compliance Department. Violators will have a 48-hour time period to become compliant. Properties not in compliance within 48 hours will be issued citations and fines which, if not paid, will be imposed as a lien against the property.

NON-RESIDENTIAL TRASH SERVICE ORDINANCE: Your Town Council believes that it is in the best interest of the health, safety and welfare of its residents to prohibit the improper use of the Town’s services. The Code Compliance Department will be working closely with Southern Waste Systems and Broward Sheriff’s Office to bring the commercial community into compliance. For further inquiries or to report a violation, please contact the Code Compliance Department at (954) 434-0008.


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