Fiscal Year 2014

09/30/2014 2014-066Final Millage Rate FY 2015
09/30/2014 2014-065Playground Fixtures at Country Estates Fishing Hole Park
09/30/2014 2014-064Canon Wide Format MFP
09/30/2014 2014-063Traffic Striping & Signage in Country Estates
09/15/2014 2014-062Adopted Tentative Millage Rate
09/15/2014 2014-061Final Solid Waste Services Assessments
09/15/2014 2014-060Final Fire Services Assessment
09/15/2014 2014-059Sixth Amendment to CSI Agreement
09/15/2014 2014-058SW 54th Place Drainage Improvement Project – Incl. 2nd Amendment
09/15/2014 2014-057Comprehensive Interconnect Drainage Improvement Project – Incl. 2nd Amendment
09/09/2014 2014-056Continuing Services Contract – Surveying Services
09/15/2014 2014-055Reimbursement Determination – Hurricane Wilma
09/15/2014 2014-054Comprehensive Fee Schedule For Development And Permit Review
09/15/2014 2014-053The Mellgren Planning Group New Agreement
08/28/2014 2014-052SEAB Replacement Appointment – Manon Stevens
08/28/2014 2014-051Conservation Easement – Fishing Hole Park
08/14/2014 2014-050Enhanced Speed Humps – Weekley Asphalt Paving, Inc
08/14/2014 2014-049Town Hall A/C Replacement – Alvarez Appliance
08/14/2014 2014-048Exotic Removal at Fishing Hole Park – Allstate Resource Management
07/10/2014 2014-047Waiver of Plat – Marson SW Ranches LLC
07/08/2014 2014-046Waiver of Plat – Martin & Elannan
07/24/2014 2014-045Preliminary Fire Services Assessment
07/24/2014 2014-044Preliminary Solid Waste Assessment
07/24/2014 2014-043Proposed Millage Rate
07/10/2014 2014-042Revised Town Council Meeting Schedule
07/10/2014 2014-041CPZ Architects Construction Oversight at Fishing Hole Park
07/10/2014 2014-040Agreement with Williams Paving for Drainage Improvements
07/07/2014 2014-039Agreement with DP Development for Drainage Improvements
05/22/2014 2014-038Rolling Oaks Barn Change Order
05/08/2014 2014-037Earthwork and Tree Clearing at Fishing Hole Park – G.W. Bulldozing
04/24/2014 2014-036Authorizing Litigation Against Pembroke Pines
04/24/2014 2014-035Broward County Gas Tax Agreements
03/27/2014 2014-034Purchased Vehicles – Police Equipment as Surplus Inventory
03/27/2014 2014-033Design-Build Rolling Oaks Barn
03/27/2014 2014-032Employee Retirement Plan
03/13/2014 2014-031Amending the Town Council Meeting Schedule
03/13/2014 2014-030Janitorial Agreement – Cleaning Systems, Inc.
03/13/2014 2014-029Town Clerk Russell Muniz
03/13/2014 2014-028FPL Variance
02/23/2014 2014-027Waiver of Plat – Garces
01/23/2014 2014-026Town Hall Parking Lot Lighting
01/23/2014 2014-025City of Tamarac IT Services
01/23/2014 2014-024Fishing Hole Park Restroom Facility – Anzco, Inc.
01/13/2014 2014-0231st Modification to Agreement With Andrew Berns
01/13/2014 2014-0221st Modification to Agreement With Martin Sherwood
01/13/2014 2014-0211st Modification to Agreement With Erika Gonzalez-Santamaria
12/12/2013 2014-020Schools and Education Advisory Board
12/12/2013 2014-019Rural Public Arts Design Advisory Board
12/12/2013 2014-018Recreation, Forestry, and Natural Resources Advisory Board
12/12/2013 2014-017Fire Advisory Board
12/12/2013 2014-016Drainage and Infrastructure Advisory Board
12/12/2013 2014-015Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board
12/12/2013 2014-014Writ of Certiorari – Franklin Academy
12/12/2013 2014-013Conflict Resolution – Pembroke Pines
12/12/2013 2014-012Regional E-911
12/12/2013 2014-011Voting and Seat Order
11/19/2013 2014-010Davie Police Service Agreement
11/14/2013 2014-009Appointment of Vice Mayor Jablonski
11/14/2013 2014-008Holiday Schedule
11/14/2013 2014-007Town Council Meeting Schedule
11/14/2013 2014-006FY 2012-2013 Budget Adjustment
11/14/2013 2014-005Bella Acre Estates Site Plan
11/14/2013 2014-004Bella Acre Estates Plat Delegation Request
10/10/2013 2014-003Lobbyist Services – Southern Strategy Group
10/10/2013 2014-002Everglades Holiday Park Sign
10/10/2013 2014-001Rolling Oaks Community Association Sign

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