Fiscal Year 2013

09/26/2013 2013-075Conflict Resolution – Broward County on E-911 Services
09/26/2013 2013-074Policy on Mitigation to Code Enforcement Fines
09/26/2013 2013-073Eleventh Amendment to Law Enforcement Agreement with BSO
09/26/2013 2013-072Fire Operational Study – Public Safety Solutions, Inc.
09/26/2013 2013-071Final Millage Rate for FY 2013-2014
09/12/2013 2013-070Approving Picnic Shelter at Fishing Hole Park
09/12/2013 2013-069Terra Ranches Road Concurrency Agreement
09/09/2013 2013-068Adopting Tentative Millage Rate
09/09/2013 2013-067Final Solid Waste Services Assessment
09/09/2013 2013-066Final Fire Services Assessment
08/22/2013 2013-065Request of Attorney General Opinion – Law Enforcement Services
08/22/2013 2013-064Conflict Resolution – Resource Recovery Board
08/22/2013 2013-063Joining Litigation on Resource Recovery System
08/22/2013 2013-062Consolidated Regional E-911 System
08/22/2013 2013-061UASI Grant for Radios and Phones
08/22/2013 2013-060Grant Application for Calusa Corners
08/08/2013 2013-058Lukes Landscaping
07/25/2013 2013-057Solid Waste Services Assessment
07/25/2013 2013-056Preliminary Fire Services Assessment
07/25/2013 2013-055Proposed Millage Rate
07/11/2013 2013-054Bejar Construction Inc. – Playground at Fishing Hole Park
06/27/2013 2013-053Amending Resolution 2013-028 – Rural Public Arts and Design Advisory Board
06/27/2013 2013-052Amending Resolution 2013-019 – Drainage and Infrastructure Advisory Board
06/27/2013 2013-051Town Hall Surplus Property
06/13/2013 2013-050Amending Resolution R-2013-42 Relating to the Town’s Emergency Line of Credit
06/13/2013 2013-049Refunding and Improvement Revenue Bond
06/13/2013 2013-048Street Assessment Report – King Engineering Associates
05/23/2013 2013-047Local Option Gas Tax
05/23/2013 2013-046Playground Equipment for Fishing Hole Park
05/23/2013 2013-045Terra Ranches Plat
05/23/2013 2013-044Terra Ranches Site Plan
05/16/2013 2013-043Sun Bergeron – Solid Waste Disposal Services
05/09/2013 2013-042Emergency Line of Credit
05/09/2013 2013-041Shenandoah General Construction Company Culvert Repairs
05/09/2013 2013-040Jaffer Well Drilling Fire Well Inspections
05/09/2013 2013-039Interlocal Agreement with Tamarac for IT Services
05/09/2013 2013-038Students Working Against Tobacco
04/25/2013 2013-037Tenth Amendment to Law Enforcement Agreement With BSO
03/28/2013 2013-036Single Stream Recycling Grant
03/28/2013 2013-035Discovery Charter School
03/28/2013 2013-034James B. Pirtle Avenue
03/07/2013 2013-033Local Mitigation Strategy Plan
02/28/2013 2013-032Ninth Amendment to Law Enforcement Agreement With BSO
02/28/2013 2013-031Rural Public Arts and Design Advisory Board Additional At-Large Member
02/28/2013 2013-030Calusa Corners Land Use Change
02/07/2013 2013-029FDLE Grant Application
01/24/2013 2013-028Parking Lot at Fishing Hole Park – Kalis Corp.
01/24/2013 2013-027Volunteer BLC One Million Hours Challenge
01/24/2013 2013-026Kessler Consulting – Revised ($20K)
01/10/2013 2013-025Approving CSI Selection of Robert Solera.
01/10/2013 2013-024 Kessler Consulting – Additional Services ($30K).
12/13/2012 2013-023Extending the Term of the Fire Advisory Board (FAB).
12/13/2012 2013-022Extending the Term of the Schools and Education Advisory Board (SEAB).
12/13/2012 2013-021Extending the Term of the Rural Public Arts and Design Advisory Board (RPADAB).
12/13/2012 2013-020Extending the Term of the Recreation, Forestry, and Natural Resources Advisory Board (RFNRAB).
12/13/2012 2013-019Extending the Term of the Drainage and Infrastructure Advisory Board (DIAB).
12/13/2012 2013-018Extending the Term of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board (CPAB).
12/13/2012 2013-017Approving Inter-local Agreement with Property Appraiser providing for the Creation and Maintenance of Solid Waste (Garbage) Assessment Collection Services .
12/13/2012 2013-016Amending Resolution No. 2009-078, as it relates to the Established Rules and Regulations pertaining to Sunshine Ranches Equestrian Park.
12/13/2012 2013-015Declaring certain Specific Inventory at Fishing Hole Park as Surplus.
12/13/2012 2013-014Approving Paktolus Solutions for Website Re-Design and Maintenance Services..
11/08/2012 2013-013Appointing Council Member Steve Breitkreuz as Vice Mayor.
11/08/2012 2013-012Approving Year End Budget Adjustment for FY 2011-2012.
11/08/2012 2013-011AApproving the Eighth Amendment Agreement Between BSO (Scott J. Israel) and SWR
11/08/2012 2013-011Approving the Eighth Amendment Agreement Between BSO (Al Lamberti) and SWR
11/08/2012 2013-010Approving the Town Holiday Schedule for 2013.
11/08/2012 2013-009Approving the Town Council Meeting Schedule for 2013.
11/08/2012 2013-008 
10/25/2012 2013-007Expressing Town Support for the Adoption of a Plan for Cooperative Countywide Consolidation of E-911 Communications and Dispatch.
10/25/2012 2013-006Opposing the Installation of a Traffic Light and Park and Ride at Griffin and I-75.
10/25/2012 2013-005Approving a Continuing Contract with Weekley Asphalt Paving, Inc.
10/25/2012 2013-004Providing for Licensing Fee for Valet Parking.
10/10/2012 2013-003Authorizing Preparation and Submittal of a $ 75,000.00 Grant for Parks for People.
10/11/2012 2013-002Approving Amendment to the Memorandum of Agreement between SWR and SFWMD.
10/11/2012 2013-001Appointing Members to the Fire Advisory Board.

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