Fiscal Year 2012

10/01/2012 2012-073Setting the Final Millage Rate.
09/27/2012 2012-072Approving the Seventh Amendment to the Law Enforcement Agreement..
09/27/2012 2012-071Approving the Church of Christ Site Plan.
09/13/2012 2012-070Authorizing to Submit an Office of Greenway Trails Grant to State of Florida for $75,000.
09/13/2012 2012-069Approving Bejar Const. to Complete Town Hall Site Work and Auxiliary Power Improvements.
09/13/2012 2012-068Authorize to Prepare and Submit FRDAP Grant for $200K.
09/12/2012 2012-067Providing Authority for Solid Waste Services Assessments.
09/12/2012 2012-066Setting the Final Fire Services Assessment.
08/28/2012 2012-065Approving the Site Plan for Coquina Plaza.
08/09/2012 2012-064Creating the “Fire Advisory Board”.
08/09/2012 2012-063Approving the SC Ranking and Selection of CPZ Architect, Inc. As Needed.
08/09/2012 2012-062Authorizing to Submit A SAFER Grant to FEMA.
07/26/2012 2012-061Providing for Solid Waste Services Assessments.
07/26/2012 2012-060Approving the Preliminary Fire Services Assessment.
07/26/2012 2012-059Setting the Proposed Millage Rate and Current Roll Back Rate.
07/26/2012 2012-058Approving the Sixth Amendment to the Law Enforcement Agreement.
07/12/2012 2012-057Approving ILA Between SWRVFR and BSO.
07/12/2012 2012-056Approving to Submit an Assistance to Firefighters Grant from FEMA.
07/12/2012 2012-055Approving NPDES Interlocal Agreement.
06/14/2012 2012-054 Approving Lesley Thiele Appointment to the SEAB.
05/24/2012 2012-053First Modification to Agreement with A Superior Towing Company
05/24/2012 2012-052Selection of Andrew Berns as Town Administrator
05/24/2012 2012-051Approving the Selection Committee Ranking of and Selection of Fence Masters, Inc. to provide Guardrail Installation.
05/24/2012 2012-050Approving the Selection Committee Ranking and selection of Southern Waste, LLC to Provide Solid Waste, Recyclables and Bulk Waste Collection and Disposal Services.
05/10/2012 2012-049Approving a Budget Amendment for the FY 2012 Budget.
05/10/2012 2012-048Selection of Martin Sherwood as Town Financial Administrator
05/10/2012 2012-047Interlocal Agreements With Broward County for Distribution of Gas Tax
05/03/2012 2012-046Approving Agreement with Davie for Emergency Medical/Fire Protection
05/03/2012 2012-045Terminating Agreement with Pembroke Pines for Delivery of Emergency Medical/Fire Protection
04/26/2012 2012-044Approving Agreement with Engel Construction for Gates
04/26/2012 2012-043Approving Agreement with Conex Engineering, Inc.
04/12/2012 2012-042Approving 2nd Modification to Miguel Lopez Agreement
04/12/2012 2012-041Approving 9th Modification to Mellgren Planning Group Inc. Agreement
04/12/2012 2012-040Pines Conflict Resolution Public Records
03/22/2012 2012-039Approving Grant Application for Partners in Preservation
03/22/2012 2012-038Approving Grant Application for Tree Canopy Inventory
03/22/2012 2012-037Approving Budget Amendment for FY 2012 Budget
03/22/2012 2012-036Approving Cleaning Systems Inc.
03/22/2012 2012-0354th Modification to CSI Agreement
03/22/2012 2012-034Approving 1-Time Donation to SWR Disabled Vets who have paid their 2011 Fire Protection Assessment
03/22/2012 2012-033Terminating Elbert Wrains, D/B/A GFC
03/22/2012 2012-032Termination of Kenneth Fields Contract
03/22/2012 2012-031Updated Fee Schedule for Building Permit, Fire and Public Words Fees
03/08/2012 2012-030Approving 1st Modification to Kessler Agreement
03/08/2012 2012-029Approving Service Delivery Option for Waste Services
03/08/2012 2012-028Agreement with CAP Government Inc.
03/08/2012 2012-027Initiate Conflict Resolution Procedures with Pembroke Pines as Set Forth in Chapter 164, Florida Statutes
01/12/2012 2012-0263rd Modification Agreement with CSI
12/22/2011 2012-025Termination of Inter-local Agreement with PP for Roadways and Other Matters
12/22/2011 2012-0241st Modification Agreement with Miguel Lopez, Jr. Inc.
12/22/2011 2012-023Inter-local Agreement with BCPA for Solid Waste Assessments
12/22/2011 2012-022Re-appointing Drainage and Infrastructure Advisory Board
12/22/2011 2012-021Re-appointing Schools and Education Advisory Board
12/22/2011 2012-020Re-appointing Recreation, Forestry and Natural Resources Advisory Board
12/22/2011 2012-019Re-appointing Rural Public Arts and Design Advisory Board
12/22/2011 2012-018Re-appointing Town Ordinance and Code Advisory Board
12/22/2011 2012-017Re-appointing Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board
12/08/2011 2012-016Approving Kenneth Fields as Town Administrator
11/07/2011 2012-015 Approving FY 2011 Budget Modifications
11/07/2011 2012-014Approving Loan from Florida Local Government Finance Commission – Not to Exceed $2,500,00.
11/07/2011 2012-013Approving Loan from TD Bank – Not to Exceed $2,500,00.
11/07/2011 2012-0122012 Town Meeting Dates
11/07/2011 2012-011FDLE $1,551.00 Grant.
11/07/2011 2012-0107th Modification to CAP Agreement
11/07/2011 2012-009Approving CM McKay as Vice Mayor
10/27/2011 2012-008 Approving Marcum as External Auditor
10/27/2011 2012-007Town Holiday Schedule
10/27/2011 2012-006November Meeting Date Change.
10/13/2011 2012-005Parks for People
10/13/2011 2012-004MOA SFWMD for Canal Gates (Extension)
10/13/2011 2012-003 Authorizing to replace the existing security barricade along Stirling Road.
10/13/2011 2012-002New Hope Site Plan (5-year Extension)..
10/13/2011 2012-001 Final Residential Fire Assessment.

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