Fiscal Year 2008

09/25/2008 2008-106Fourth (4th) Amendment with Mellgren Planning Group Agreement
09/25/2008 2008-105Approving Second (2nd) Amendment to existing agreement with South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD).
09/25/2008 2008-104Repealing Resolution No. 2007-078 and revising the bulk trash pick up zone and schedule
2008-103Resolution Number not assigned
09/25/2008 2008-102Adopting the final Millage Rate for the Fiscal Year 2008-2009
09/15/2008 2008-101Establishing the rate of assessment for Fiscal Year 2008-2009 relating to solid waste services, facilities, and programs
09/15/2008 2008-100Reimposing Fire Rescue Assessments
09/15/2008 2008-099Approving a tentative Millage Rate
09/04/2008 2008-098Piggy-Backing onto existing contract by the City of Coconut Creek, FL with Post, Buckley, Schuh, and Jernigan, Inc. for Emergency Debris Management and monitoring services
09/04/2008 2008-097Approving Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School Site Plan Modification
09/04/2008 2008-096Approving the Magnate Plat
09/04/2008 2008-095Revising the Town Event Schedule by rescheduling the Town-Wide Annual Garage Sale
08/04/2008 2008-094Requesting Broward County Commission to table the proposed Ordinance requiring the installation of additional illumination and security devices in all retail establishment parking areas
08/04/2008 2008-093Automatic Aid Agreement with the City of Weston for Emergency Medical, and fire protection services
08/04/2008 2008-092Piggy-backing onto existing contract with Broward County with Awnings of Hollywood for relocation and installation of four (4) awnings donated by the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO)
08/04/2008 2008-091Piggy-backing onto existing contract with Davie, Florida with Advanced Modular Structures, Inc. for relocation and installation of the Volunteer Fire Department’s modular building and the modular building donated by the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO)
08/04/2008 2008-090Approving Grant Agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to accept funds for the Public Safety Facility Drainage Project.
08/04/2008 2008-089Authorizing submission of Grant Application for the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) to fund park development within the Rolling Oaks park
08/04/2008 2008-088Authorizing submission of Grant Application for the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) to fund park development within the Equestrian Park
07/24/2008 2008-087Public Safety Facility Design Services RLI SNC Recommendation Approval
07/24/2008 2008-086Broward Sheriff Office (BSO) Fire/Rescue Agreement
07/24/2008 2008-085Setting Solid Waste Fees and Hearing Dates
07/24/2008 2008-084Setting Fire Assessment Fees and Hearing Dates
07/24/2008 2008-083Set Proposed Millage Rate and Schedule Hearing Dates
07/10/2008 2008-082Parks For People Grant Application Approval
07/10/2008 2008-081EOC Grant Application Approval
07/10/2008 2008-080South Broward Drainage District (SBDD) Lease Agreement – 2006-2014
07/10/2008 2008-079Roads and Signage Maintenance Service RFB SNC Recommendation Approval
07/10/2008 2008-078Print and Mail Services RFP SNC Recommendation Approval
07/10/2008 2008-077Publication and Design Services RFP SNC Recommendation Approval
07/10/2008 2008-076Piggy Back Agreement with Charlie Frymyer for Temporary Fire Facility Paving
07/10/2008 2008-075Catch Basin Maintenance Agreement to Piggyback with F.A. Johnson
07/10/2008 2008-074Third (3rd) Amendment to Waste Management for FEMA Requirement
07/10/2008 2008-073First (1st) Amendment to Emergency Debris Hauler Agreement for FEMA Requirement
07/10/2008 2008-072Seavisions Site Plan Approval
07/10/2008 2008-071Oakbrook Ranches Site Plan Approval
06/05/2008 2008-070Repeal of Zoning in Progress for Minimum Plot Size for Agricultural Use
06/05/2008 2008-069Include the Town’s Fair Share Contribution to the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Broward County in the 2009 Town Budget
06/05/2008 2008-068Oppose Alligator Alley Privatization
05/08/2008 2008-067Accepting Florida Department of Transportation Funding for C-11 Bridges
05/01/2008 2008-066Local Option Gas Tax Amendments
05/01/2008 2008-065Town’s Adamant Opposition to the Improper Tethering of Dogs
05/01/2008 2008-064Davie Interlocal Agreement (ILA) for SW 54th Place Maintenance and Conveyance
05/01/2008 2008-063Professional and Administrative Staffing RLI Bid Rejections
05/01/2008 2008-062Printing and Mailing Services RFP SNC Appointments
05/01/2008 2008-061Newsletter Design and Publication Services RFP SNC Appointments
05/01/2008 2008-060Informational Technology Services RFP SNC Appointments
05/01/2008 2008-059Approving Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) as the Sole Fire Rescue Service Provider
04/03/2008 2008-058Authorizing Town Hall Loan to be switched to Public Safety Building
04/03/2008 2008-057Authorizing Drainage Improvement Expenditure to Weekley
04/03/2008 2008-056Public Safety Building RLI SNC Appointments
04/03/2008 2008-055Rejecting Public Safety Building RFP Bids
04/03/2008 2008-054Support of Continued Funding for Florida Forever Program
04/03/2008 2008-053Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) Fire Rescue – Fourth (4th) Amendment
04/03/2008 2008-052South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) C-11 Canal Co Op Amended Agreement
03/06/2008 2008-051Parks and Recreation Appointment – Mary Gay Chaples
03/06/2008 2008-050Accepting State EMS County Grant Funding for the purchase of two (2) Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
03/06/2008 2008-049Budget Modification for the Acquisition to Increase Insurance Coverage
03/06/2008 2008-048Professional and Administrative Staffing RLI SNC Appointments
03/06/2008 2008-047Additional Emergency Debris Haulers-Piggyback Agreement
03/06/2008 2008-046Zoning in Progress to establish minimum plot sizes of New Agricultural Uses of Land
03/06/2008 2008-045Approving a modification to the Sikh Society’s Site Plan to enable the perimeter fence and wall to be built on the true property line
02/07/2008 2008-044Luke’s Landscaping Agreement
02/07/2008 2008-043Additional Road Repair Services – Piggyback with Weekley
02/07/2008 2008-042Second (2nd) Amendment to Waste Management Agreement
02/07/2008 2008-041Roads and Signs Maintenance RFP SNC Appointments
02/07/2008 2008-040Cortes Plat Approval
02/07/2008 2008-039High School Boundaries Support
01/10/2008 2008-038Broward County Property Appraiser Interlocal Agreement (ILA) School Assessment Tax Roll Preparation and Maintenance
01/10/2008 2008-037Rural Public Arts Board Extensions and Appointments
01/10/2008 2008-036Parks & Recreation Board Extensions and Appointments
01/10/2008 2008-035Education Board Extensions and Appointments
01/10/2008 2008-034Drainage Board Extensions and Appointments
01/10/2008 2008-033Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board Extensions and Approval
01/10/2008 2008-032Evaluation Appraisal Report (EAR) Adoption and Transmittal
01/10/2008 2008-031Amended School Board Interlocal Agreement (ILA) Facility Planning
01/10/2008 2008-030Canada Estates Plat Approval
12/13/2007 2008-029Opposing Hometown Democracy Initiative
12/13/2007 2008-028Permont Estates Plat Approval
12/13/2007 2008-027Bella Acres Estate Site Plan Approval
12/13/2007 2008-026Re-Approving the Corrections Corporation of America’s Site Plan
12/13/2007 2008-025Support of Parasailing Regulation Legislation
12/13/2007 2008-024Fiscal Year 2007 Year End Budget Adjustments
12/13/2007 2008-023Parks Right-of-Way Maintenance SNC Recommendation Approval
12/06/2007 2008-022Appaloosa Plat Approval
12/06/2007 2008-0212008 Holiday Schedule
12/06/2007 2008-0202008 Meeting Schedule
12/06/2007 2008-019Broward County Agreement for Construction and Maintenance of Greenways Corridor Project
12/06/2007 2008-018Amending Resolution No. 2001-46 to Establish a Revised Comprehensive Fee Schedule for Development and Permit Review Fees
12/03/2007 2008-017Extending the Maturity Date for Revenue Note
11/08/2007 2008-016Walgreens Site Plan Approval
11/08/2007 2008-015Ninth (9th) Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with Broward County for Solid Waste Disposal Services
11/08/2007 2008-014Amending Mayor Fink’s Appointment to the Schools and Education Advisory Board
11/01/2007 2008-013Council Member Jeff Nelson appointed to Vice Mayor
11/01/2007 2008-012Approving a pre-annexation agreement with South Broward Drainage District
11/01/2007 2008-011Approving an Independent Contractor Agreement with Elbert Wrains for Assistant Town Administrator Services
10/11/2007 2008-010Southwest Nursery Plat Approval
10/11/2007 2008-009Setting Municipal Citation Fines
10/11/2007 2008-008Parks Board Appointment of Debra Goff-Rose
10/11/2007 2008-007Drainage Board Appointment of Bob Busch
10/04/2007 2008-006Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) Fire Rescue Agreement
10/04/2007 2008-005Oakbrook Ranches Traffic Concurrency Agreement Approval
10/04/2007 2008-004Extending Term of Waste Management Agreement
10/04/2007 2008-003Landscape RFP SNC Appointments
10/04/2007 2008-002Brittney Estates Plat Approval
10/04/2007 2008-001Layla Estates Plat Approval

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