Fiscal Year 2002

09/27/2002 2002-86Final Millage Rate for Fiscal Year 2003
09/18/2002 2002-85Agreement: With Dig-It Tractor for Right-Of-Way Mowing, Trimming and Shrub Management for $29,200
09/18/2002 2002-84Revising Policy for Utilizing Members of the Town Council in Areas of Special Interest
09/18/2002 2002-83Accepting a $200,000 FRDAP Grant from DPEP
09/18/2002 2002-82Requesting that County Commission Move West Griffin Road Sidewalks to Landscape Berm
09/18/2002 2002-81Audio/Video System for Meeting Room for $27,080
09/18/2002 2002-80Agreement: With Dig-It Tractor Services for Roadway Patching and Repair for $24,000 Annually
09/18/2002 2002-79Agreement: With Siga for Equestrian Park’s Landscaping and Irrigation for $628,743.34
09/18/2002 2002-78 Agreement: With PHI Construction for Equestrian Park’s Facilities and Infrastructure for $867,305
09/18/2002 2002-77 Supporting Broward County’s Land Preservation Board’s Purchase of Development Rights (PDR)
09/18/2002 2002-76Open Space Site and Conceptual Park Management Plan
09/13/2002 2002-75 Relating to Solid Waste Services, Programs and Facilities, and Imposing Assessments
09/13/2002 2002-74Relating to Fire-Rescue Services, Programs and Facilities, and Reimposing Assessments
09/13/2002 2002-73Tentative Millage Rate for Fiscal Year 2002
09/12/2002 2002-72Authorizing Loan from Community Bank of Broward, Not to Exceed $2,000,000 for Purchase of Certain Land
09/12/2002 2002-71Agreement: With Miramar West Development Corporation for Purchase and Sale of 30 Acres within Pembroke Pines, Known as Frontier Trails
09/12/2002 2002-70Plat: Lakhani
09/12/2002 2002-69Requesting a $200,000 FRDAP Grant from DPEP for Public Recreational Facility for Equestrian Park
09/12/2002 2002-68Requesting a $150,000 FRDAP Grant from DPEP for Mixed-Use Recreational Trails
09/12/2002 2002-67Adopting the 2002 to 2006 Capital Improvement Program and Schedule
09/12/2002 2002-66Adopting a Comprehensive Greenway Trail System
07/11/2002 2002-65Agreement with Community Cable Television Corp. for AT&T Cable Services
07/11/2002 2002-64Correcting a Scrivener’s Error in Resolution 2000-6, Investment Policy
07/10/2002 2002-63 Proposed Millage Rate and Budget Hearing Schedule
07/10/2002 2002-62Amendment to Annual and Financial Budget Management Policy
07/10/2002 2002-61Compliance with Section 3.04 of Town Charter for $100,000 Surety Bond for Town Administrator
07/10/2002 2002-60 Fire-Rescue Services, Assessment and Preliminary Assessment Roll
07/10/2002 2002-59Solid Waste Collection, Method of Assessment and Preparation of Assessment Roll
07/10/2002 2002-58 Authorizing Transmittal of Florida Communities Trust 100% Grant for Open Space at Corner of Griffin Road and Dykes Road
06/24/2002 2002-57 Agreement: With Cooper City, George H. Lange, Related to Proposed Development for 7.8+/- Acres of Land at Corner of Griffin Road and Flamingo Road
06/24/2002 2002-56Agreement: With S&B Projects for Grant Writing and Follow Up for Florida Communities Trust (FCT) Grant
06/24/2002 2002-55Plat: First Addition for Griffin Road Church of Christ
06/24/2002 2002-54Plat: Volunteer Fire Station
06/13/2002 2002-53 First Amendment to Agreement with Broward County for Temporary Use of Fire-Rescue Equipment Related to Insurance
06/13/2002 2002-52First Amendment to Agreement with Broward County for EMS and Fire Services
06/13/2002 2002-51Renaming SW 172 Avenue Between Griffin Road to Sheridan Street to “Red Robinson Road”
05/09/2002 2002-50Agreement: Lease with Oak Park Stable in the Rolling Oaks Open Space Park
05/09/2002 2002-49Creating a Fill and Drainage Advisory Committee
05/09/2002 2002-48First Amendment to Agreement with MRCA, Inc., for Solid Waste Assessment Program, in the Amount of $8,000
05/09/2002 2002-47First Amendment to Agreement with Richard Rubin for Grant Identification, Writing, and Follow Up Program
05/09/2002 2002-46Annual Review of Performance of Town Administrator
05/09/2002 2002-45Supporting Local Mitigation Strategy
05/09/2002 2002-44Annual 4th of July and Birthday Celebration and Allotting up to $4,500 for These Events
05/09/2002 2002-43Agreement: With Broward County for Distribution of Fifth Cent Local Option Gas Tax and Transit Gas Tax
05/09/2002 2002-42Site Plan: Menorah Gardens Cemetery
05/09/2002 2002-41Plat: Estates at Sunshine Ranches
04/11/2002 2002-40 Request FDOT Redule Plan Design for Griffin Road East from six (6) Lanes to four (4) Lanes
04/11/2002 2002-39 Creating a Farm Ordinance Advisory Committee
04/11/2002 2002-38Requesting Implementation of List of Changes to West Griffin Road Widening Project
04/11/2002 2002-37 Approving a Maximum of $10,000 to be Spent on Meeting Hall Improvements
03/14/2002 2002-36Agreement: With William Markham for Collection and Maintenance of Assessment Roll for Solid Waste
03/14/2002 2002-35Correcting Rate of Fire Assessment for Certain Institutional and Tax Exempt Properties
03/14/2002 2002-34Opposition to County Building Bridge Across C-11 Canal
03/14/2002 2002-33Interlocal Agreement: With Broward County for Griffin Road Traffic Beautification from SW 160 Avenue to SW 186 Avenue
03/14/2002 2002-32Plat: Beltran Estates
02/14/2002 2002-31Agreement: With Broward County for Temporary Use of Fire/Rescue Truck
02/14/2002 2002-30Memorandum of Understanding Study with SFWMD for Trail System
02/14/2002 2002-29Site Plan: Landmark Ranch Estates
02/14/2002 2002-28Plat: Font
01/10/2002 2002-27Resubmission of a Trailways Grant Application for $80,000
01/10/2002 2002-26Extending “Zoning in Progress”
01/10/2002 2002-25Establishing a Charter Advisory Review Committee
01/10/2002 2002-24Meeting and Workshop Schedule for 2002 (Amendment)
01/10/2002 2002-23Holiday Schedule for 2002 (Amendment)
01/10/2002 2002-22 Traffic Calming Study by Hughes Hughes, Inc., on SW 185 Way / SW 186 Avenue
01/10/2002 2002-21Plat: O’Donnel
12/13/2001 2002-20Agreement: With MRCA, Inc., for Consulting Services for Solid Waste Assessment
12/13/2001 2002-19Urging the County to Enhance the Quality of Education in the School System and Maintain Feeder Patterns within the Town of Southwest Ranches
12/13/2001 2002-18Meeting and Workshop Schedule for 2002
12/13/2001 2002-17 Holiday Schedule for 2002
12/13/2001 2002-16Agreement: With Broward County for a Challenge Grant for $176,548 for Equestrian Park Project
12/13/2001 2002-15Agreement: With Broward County for a Challenge Grant for $500,000 for Equestrian Park Project
12/13/2001 2002-14Requesting County to Partner with Town to help Acquire Rural Vacant Parcels in Safe Parks and Land Preservation Program: Open Space in Country Estates
12/13/2001 2002-13Requesting County to Partner with Town to help Acquire Rural Vacant Parcels in Safe Parks and Land Preservation Program: Archeological Sites
12/13/2001 2002-12 Requesting County to Partner with Town to help Acquire Rural Vacant Parcels in Safe Parks and Land Preservation Program: Open Space in Green Meadows
11/13/2001 2002-11Agreement: With Gianetti Contracting for Culvert Crossing
11/13/2001 2002-10Agreement: With Sessa for Clearing, Fill and Transportation of Earthwork Services
12/13/2001 2002-09Plat: James P. Pirtle
11/08/2001 2002-08Denying Christ Covenant Church Site Plan Modifications
11/08/2001 2002-07 Supporting a “Road Improvement” Based Concurrency System
11/08/2001 2002-06 Requesting Broward County to Donate 68,000 Cubic Yards of Fill to Town
11/08/2001 2002-05Site Plan: Archdiocese of Miami at St. Mark’s Church
10/11/2001 2002-04 Lease Agreement: Rhonda Winsor – Stables in Rolling Oaks
10/11/2001 2002-03Interlocal Agreement: with Broward County for the Transfer of Roads & Related Rights-of-Way
10/11/2001 2002-02Local Quality Wetlands
10/11/2001 2002-01Loan Not to Exceed $5.2 Million from Florida Municipal Loan Council for Capital Projects

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