New Resolutions

Fiscal Year 2019

09/26/2019 2019-064FY 2019-2020 Final Millage Rate – Taxation of Real & Personal Property
09/12/2019 2019-063Seeking AG Opinion on Council Member District 3 vacancy
09/12/2019 2019-062Federal Aviation Administration – Commercial Air Traffic over the Town of Southwest Ranches
09/12/2019 2019-061Town Council Meeting Decorum Policy
09/12/2019 2019-060Fire Assessment
09/12/2019 2019-0594th Amendment to Agreement for Creation of the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
09/12/2019 2019-058Professional Surveying Services
09/12/2019 2019-057Tentative Millage
09/12/2019 2019-056Solid Waste
09/12/2019 2019-055Fire Assessment
08/22/2019 2019-0541st Amendment to Transportation Surtax ILA
08/22/2019 2019-053Hazard Mitigation Grant Program – Funding for FEMA
08/22/2019 2019-052Repealing RESO2019-048 & Approving a New Preliminary Fire Assessment
08/08/2019 2019-051Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – Solid Waste & Recycling System
07/25/2019 2019-050Fire Station Alerting System
07/25/2019 2019-049Preliminary Solid Waste
07/25/2019 2019-048Preliminary Fire Assessment
07/25/2019 2019-047Proposed Millage Rate
07/25/2019 2019-046Country Estates Park Perimeter Fence
07/11/2019 2019-045FY 2017 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) Award
07/11/2019 2019-044SW 148th Avenue Project
07/11/2019 2019-043Weston Road Bridge Widening Project
07/11/2019 2019-042Griffin Road Widening – Bicycle Lanes & Lighting
06/27/2019 2019-041CCA Properties Letter of Credit
06/27/2019 2019-040External Audit Services
06/13/2019 2019-039Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) – Drainage Project
05/23/2019 2019-038Terra Ranches Site Plan Approval
05/09/2019 2019-037SWRVFR Radio Purchase
05/09/2019 2019-036Urging Further 5G Evaluation
04/25/2019 2019-035Reaffirming Oil Drilling Opposition
04/25/2019 2019-034Gas Tax Agreements
04/25/2019 2019-033Menorah Gardens Site Plan
04/25/2019 2019-032Sikh Society of Florida Site Plan
04/25/2019 2019-031New Horizon United Methodist Church Site Plan
03/28/2019 2019-030Approval of McBride Appeal
04/11/2019 2019-029Zoning in Progress – Nurseries
03/14/2019 2019-028Purchase Order for new primary server – Dell Marketing, LLC.
03/14/2019 2019-027Waiver of Plat – WP-23-18 – Arturo Godinez
03/14/2019 2019-026Waiver of Plat – WP-22-18 – Masineco Corp.
02/28/2019 2019-025PHI Construction Improvements in Frontier Trails Conservation Area
02/13/2019 2019-024Town’s Procurement of External Audit Services
02/13/2019 2019-023Safeware, Inc. – Fire Station Improvements
01/24/2019 2019-022Engineering & Design Services – Craig A. Smith & Associates
01/24/2019 2019-021Bacterial Pollution Control Plan
01/24/2019 2019-020Community Rating System Performance Measures
12/13/2018 2019-0191st Modification to the Town’s Agreement – Waste Pro of Florida, Inc.
12/13/2018 2019-018Keith & Associates, Inc. Professional Service – Phase Five of the Transportation Surface & Drainage Ongoing Rehabilitation (TSDOR) Roadway Improvements
12/13/2018 2019-017Craven Thompson & Associates – Surveying Services for Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)
12/13/2018 2019-016Piggyback Agreement – Florida Technical Consulting Services
12/13/2018 2019-015Town’s Advisory Committee/Board Policy
12/13/2018 2019-014Schools & Education Advisory Board Renewal
12/13/2018 2019-013Rural Public Arts & Design Advisory Board Renewal
12/13/2018 2019-012Recreation, Forestry, & Natural Resources Advisory Board Renewal
12/13/2018 2019-011Drainage & Infrastructure Advisory Board Renewal
12/13/2018 2019-010Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board Renewal
12/13/2018 2019-009Fire Advisory Board Renewal
11/15/2018 2019-0082nd Amendment to Settlement Agreement with Alpha 250 Site
11/15/2018 2019-007Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Amendment
11/15/2018 2019-006Continuing Services Weekley Asphalt
11/15/2018 2019-005Appointing Vice Mayor Gary Jablonski
10/25/2018 2019-0048th Amendment to Agreement with CSI
10/25/2018 2019-003Town Council Meeting Schedule
10/25/2018 2019-002Town Holiday Schedule
10/25/2018 2019-001Akai Estates Site Plan

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