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We are pleased to announce the creation of the Town’s YouTube Channel. This channel will be used to publish official Town content. Initially, Town Council meetings will be the first offerings and as the channel progresses we will publish content featuring Town events and other appropriate content.

Please take a moment to review our channel (Southwest Ranches Official Channel). Please use this channel to view Town Council meetings and other related content. As we continue to increase our social media presence please keep an eye on the horizon, as we will be developing a Twitter account and Facebook account in the near future.

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As our community recovers from Hurricane Irma, many people may have experienced storm damage to their properties. There are provisions in the law that pertain to your property assessment should your property sustain catastrophic damage due to a hurricane, fire or other calamity. Examples of structural damage include significant roof damage, damage to load-bearing walls or damage to the foundation of your home. While downed trees, fences, roof leaks and missing shingles/tiles may be difficult or expensive to repair, they do not affect the structural integrity of the home or make the home uninhabitable.

If you have sustained catastrophic structural damage to your property, it is important you let our office know so we can arrange for one of our appraisers to inspect the property. We have created a simple online form to make this process easy for you. The online Hurricane Irma Catastrophic Structural Damage Report form is located on our website at www.bcpa.net or http://www.bcpa.net/DamageForm.asp

It is important to know the Property Appraiser’s Office cannot adjust your 2017 property assessment or taxes as a result of damage sustained by Hurricane Irma. Damage to your property as a result of Hurricane Irma may impact your 2018 property assessment assuming the repairs have not be completed by January 1, 2018.

2017 TRIM Season

Our office has just completed the 2017 TRIM season having mailed 748,108 real property and 23,159 tangible personal property TRIM Notices to property owners and businesses in Broward County. After mailing these TRIM Notices, we assisted over 20,000 property owners seeking information about the TRIM Notice or late filing of exemptions.

The deadline for petitioning the 2017 property assessment has passed. Anyone seeking to file a 2017 value appeal must contact the Value Adjustment Board directly or use the https://bcvab.broward.org/axiaweb2017/ for details on “good cause” late filing. Since the September late filing deadline has passed, we are unable to accept any more 2017 exemption applications regardless of any good reason for missing the late filing deadline.

If you purchased your property in 2017, you can pre-file for 2018 Homestead Exemption at any time. You can apply online at https://bcpasecure.net/homesteadonline/web/index.aspx , in our main office or at one of our many outreach community events. Our Outreach Community calendar available on our website lists all of the events we will have a representative available to assist residents with exemption filing or other related matters.

If my office can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 954.357.6904 or by email at martykiar@bcpa.net.

Take care,

Marty Kiar

Broward County has launched the lifesaving Yellow Dot safety program. The program is designed to assist Broward County residents and first responders in the event of an automobile crash or other medical emergency involving the participant’s vehicle. The program can help save lives by improving communication at a time when accident victims may be unable to communicate for themselves.

What is the Yellow Dot Program?

Yellow Dot Brochure

After you review the information above, come into Town Hall and pick up your complimentary Yellow Dot decal and affix it to the back of your vehicle.

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